Death Of Owner of Property - Find Co ownership and Death of Owner Information

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We can only deal with registering the Death of an owner/proprietor of a property where the property or land is registered with the Land Registry. This is because the Land Registry does not hold any records for any unregistered property or land in England & Wales.

Death of a Joint Owner


In the event of the Death of a Joint owner of a registered property, the property can be registered into the name(s) of the surviving owner(s) only. The deceased owners name will be duly removed from the Title Register.
An up-to-date official copy of the Land Registry Title Register will be provided to you on completion of registration.
NB: Please note that the original or a certified copy of the Death Certificate(s), Grant of Probate or letters of administration will be required for registration purposes. These can be submitted after we send you the relevant forms. They will always be returned to you on completion of the registration.

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